Product name: Patagonia® Duckbill Cap
Price: $29.00

Best. Running Hat. Ever.

I have tried nearly every running hat known to mankind. The Patagonia® Duckbill cap is my favorite, by a mile. I wear it in the summer sun and winter rain. It works great worn beneath the hood of a waterproof shell, allowing heat to escape while shielding eyes from the rain.

I love how breathable the Duckbill caps are even on the hottest of days. The open mesh allows heat to escape as quickly as your dome can create it. The COOLMAX® fabric headband wicks moisture. The hat is perfect for trail running on hot days, when you bob in and out of the sun.

Cram it in your pack, no damage done. If it looks gross after a few hundred miles throw it in the wash (or hand-wash), it’ll look like new. Dries quick, too. Excellent ventilation, just enough length on the bill, and lots of colors to suit your style.

I have a fairly large melon, which the Duckbill accommodates.