Current gear

I confess. I am a gear junkie. 

Some of the stuff I have is great. Some of it good. Some of it ~shrug~. Here's the gear I am currently using and love.

Patagonia base layers - The M's Capilene® Lightweight T-Shirt and the M's Capilene® Lightweight Crew are easily my favorite running shirts. For colder weather I layer with the M's Capilene® Lightweight Zip-Neck. These shirts all work great as standalone pieces or layered. They breathe well, dry fast and feel good.

Patagonia M's Wind Shield Vest. Love this thing! While I wish all my runs were in the mountains, they aren't. This vest is perfect for the weather in the Pacific NW. I usually overheat in jackets, not so in a vest. I wear this vest most days from late fall to early spring.

Patagonia Duckbill Cap. Best. Hat. Ever. for running. Great ventilation. I shave my hair very short, so I need to wear a hat rain or shine. This is my favorite hat, and I've tried a lot of freaking hats.

Altra running shoes. I have tried many Altra models nad have liked each. For my feet, the key selling point of Altras is their wide toe box. Once I started running in them I couldn’t stand how narrow other brands felt through the forefoot.

Luna Sandals. I love my Luna sandals! I like to do short runs (3-6 miles) in them throughout the year. They keep my feet strong.