I’ve been a runner for a very long time but I’ve never volunteered at a race. First, bad Ruhner. Second, I’m quite excited to right that wrong!

I signed up to volunteer at the Mountain Lakes 100 on September 26th & 27th. I chose this race for my first volunteering experience for a few reasons:

  • I ran in the inaugural Mountain Lakes 100 so I have a connection to the race. (Side note: The year I participated the race got cancelled mid-way due to horrible weather and dangerous conditions.)
  • The people at Go Beyond Racing put on wonderful races. Having run in quite a few of their races, I wanted to support their endeavors.
  • It’s close to home.

I will be volunteering at the Pinheads Aid Station (6 & 15) which are at mile 36.65 and 88.95. I figure most people will be in pretty good shape when they come through the first time. The second time, at mile 88.95? Not so much.

Super stoked and excited to help out my fellow crazies. Say hi, or beg for help, if you come through the aid station! I’ll be nice.